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Canada Moose: Series of mild winters promise good to excellent hunting for bulls. - Petersons Hunting Magazine, August 2002
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The bears grow large in the Cariboo. Some of our bears will square up to 7'and over. We have a salmon river, numerous logging cut blocks and ranches. The bears are well fed on fish, berries, and the occasional hay bail. Most bears harvested are a minimum of 6'. There are more bears in British Columbia than anywhere in North America, including Alaska (population estimated at 150,000). We offer spot and stalk black bear hunts, and since your guide is with you at all times, you'll be assisted when judging the size of the bear and the quality of the hide to help ensure you've selected a good bear. A spot and stalk black bear hunt is truly an enjoyable, challenging hunt. It's you and the bear, one on one.

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