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Canada Moose: Series of mild winters promise good to excellent hunting for bulls. - Petersons Hunting Magazine, August 2002
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Cougar (Mountain Lion)
For the past five seasons in a row, we have harvested one to two Boone & Crockett cats each season with a number of Pope & Young record book cats as well. No brag, just fact. We believe we offer the best Cougar hunt in North America. The existing world record was killed right on the other side of the river from our territory. These hunts are $4,500. Check our photo album as results are worth a thousand words.

Record Book Cats! (Click on photos below to enlarge! )
The following cats all qualify for Boone & Crockett and have at least 15" skulls.  


Steve Borcherding
15 4/16" skull scoring Boone & Crockett #6 SCI Bow kill.
Letter of thanks


Mike Dekoeyer
15 5/16" and his father, pictured below took a nice cat on the same trip.
Letter of thanks


Jay Wissman
9' 8" and the skull green scored 15 7/16"


Mike Petrosa
#20 All time Boone & Crockett Mountain Lion. 15 9/16".

Some of our other nice Cougar Photos!
Thank you to our hunters who have sent these photos in!

Hunter Letters:
Bocherding Record Book Cougar Letter (NEW!)
Dekoeyer Cougar Letter (NEW!)

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