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Cougar Letter
Steve Borcherding came up with us on a Feburary cougar hunt. We thought you might enjoy the photos and letter he sent us of his Mountian Lion.It green scored 15 1/4 on skull measurement, was 9' long and weighed 190lbs. Congratulations Steve on his fine shooting skills with his bow! A cat like this can kill a moose or two a year and thirty to fifty deer. We sure like to harvest these cats and save some of our moose and deer.


Sorry it took so long to get you these pictures. We have just been getting some snowfall here in Washington D.C., I have not had a day off since I got back.

Just wanted you to know the lodge was teriffic. Your cook, Mike is a very quiet guy but the man sure can cook. Clint and Tyler worked fast and hard tracking down the cougar. I had a great time with the guys once they walked me in and showed me how they were hunting up the cats. We were very lucky to get the help of Tim Stevenson on Saturday . The three guides together were a fantastic team.

What an experience it was once they let the dogs go. The shot was about 43 yards at a 550 angle and was made clear after a few trees were Removed.

The cat had a 15 1/4" skull scoring Boone & Crockett #6 SCI Bow kill. Many thanks for the experience of your crew!

Steve Borcherding

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