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Canada Moose: Series of mild winters promise good to excellent hunting for bulls. - Petersons Hunting Magazine, August 2002
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Dekoeyer Father & Son Hunters

Father and Son team who hunted with us in March of 2002. Look at the size of the skull on Michael's cougar.

Mike's Cougar (Son)

Jack's Cougar (Father)

To say the least we had a hunt of a lifetime. A dream come true for my dad and the same for me with that big cat. The lodge and food was great and the guides were some of the best I've hunted with. The only gray cloud we had is when Loner the hound fell out of the tree. Thats a hell of a hound. I talked to Dennis Beebe yesterday and he said Loner is recovering from his lung and rib injury [which is a miracle] but they just discovered his hip was broken. I feel sorry for that dog and also for Dennis. I guess they have to put a steel plate on his hip. They have to ship him to Vancouver. I think I,ll try and help him out a little.

Otherwise we had a fantastic hunt full of excitement. For any serious hunter B.C. is the place to go. Everything seems to be big, from the forests to the animals. We can't thank you enough. Let me know if we can supply any info etc.

Thanks again,


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